What are the true rules for reaching decions remotely?

The true rules for reaching remote decisions are communications rules:

  • Keep communications focussed on reaching agreement
  • Communicate issues on which you cannot or will not compromise
  • Emphasize areas on which you agree

Trules for reaching decisions remotely

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Trules was created for decision-makers and their staffs who aren’t satisfied with:
  • the effectiveness of their decision making practices
  • the execution of their decisions
  • the institutional memory of past decisions
Our proposition is to help groups:
  • collaboratively reach timely decisions
  • effectively communicate their decisions
  • quickly recall past decisions
We help groups when:
  • everyone’s busy and there are no clear choices
  • difficult choices have been made which may be unpopular
  • group membership may have changed and there is a need to revisit a decision
Unlike expensive solutions that require set up and training, we provide affordable and easy to use tools that you can start using as soon as you need them and cancel whenever you wish.
Our solution is better because:
  • you can focus on where there’s consensus, where differences remain, and what’s left to be done to reach a decision
  • you can easily explain how the decision was reached and what other options were considered
  • you can easily recall how past decisions were reached and what other options were considered