Trules' Story

Over the course of my career I've often been faced with the responsibility to reach a decision without the authority to make the decision myself. I've had to work with folks who were passionate about their own positions and cared little about the needs of others.

To resolve these situations, I developed a number of techniques and I adapted a number of tools to help folks reach collective decisions even when the didn't want to compromise.

The skills that I learned in facilitating collective decisions served me well, but my experience in using existing tools led me to believe that other tools were needed to make it easier for folks to reach collective decisions. Trules is the result of my desire to make it easier for those folks who must reach collective decisions.

Trules' Goals

Provide help for those who need to make collective decisions.

Design Trules to be useful for a wide range of decisions and decision makers.

Price Trules to be affordable.

About Me

John Reynolds

Founder / Product Owner

John Reynolds

Designer / Developer

John Reynolds

Marketing Head