Decisions take time

05 May 2020  John  1 min read.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all get together face-to-face and hash this out?

Yes, that would be great.

So what can we do instead?

Sometimes we can all meet face-to-face or on a video conference - but much of the time we can’t - and for most deliberations a real-time meeting won’t work anyway.

Decisions take time.

Reaching a group decision is a process. Needs transform into actions (or at least plans for actions).

Seldom is all of the information necessary to reach a decision “already available”.

Seldom are all of the group members “up to speed” about the issues and the options.

Everyone needs time to research, evaluate and formulate.

People will ask questions. People will supply answers. People will express their views.

And all of these communications will happen when they happen.

Take a look at any long email or chat thread in your tool of choice, and you’ll see what really happens. People chime in when they they have the time to chime in and they have something to say - and often it’s pretty obvious that they chimed in before reading everyone else’s messages.

Trules deals with this explicitly by providing a framework that organizes messages based on “where they fit” into your decision deliberations - and it facilitates asynchronous deliberations by drawing people’s attentions to things that are new, things that have changed, and things that they need to “weigh in” on.

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John Reynolds
John Reynolds

John is the creator of Trules.